Hand Poured Just for You!
Hand Poured Just for You!
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About Us

My name is Christina Simmons and I am the owner of Just Scents Candle Co, 

I am always asked, "What made you want to make candles?” 

The honest answer, I was tired of spending my money at the other store.  Since I started making candles, it has become a little more than that. When I make candles, it’s like therapy to me. 

While making candles, I am able to focus on something else and in the end, it becomes this beautiful scent. I started making six scents and then it turned into more scents, and it’s still growing.

I enjoy creating candles. I hand-pour each scent so that my customers have a whole experience when they light one of my candles, burn one of the wax melts or spray a room with one of my amazing scents.

I hope you enjoy my scents.