Hand Poured Just for You!
Hand Poured Just for You!
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Sea Salt & Orchid - Wax Melt
Just Scents Candle Co

Sea Salt & Orchid - Wax Melt

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Sea Salt & Orchid

This scent is just beautiful!  It has a beautiful floral scent, it’s a very clean scent.  When melted, the scent relaxes you and calms the mood.  This wax melt will melt your stress away.

Top:  Sea Salt

Middle:  Jasmine

Bottom:  Wood

To use:  Break off two cubes of the wax melt and place them in the electric warmer specifically designed for wax melts.  Turn the warmer on and allow the cubes to melt completely.  For a stronger scent, just add another cube.  You may reheat the wax until it is no longer fragrant.